Fleurtorial was born during the age of working from home.

Created by the wedding and event design team at Amy Burke Designs, Fleurtorial is a way to engage your creative side by showing you how to style, arrange, and appreciate beautiful blooms at home.  With Fleurtorial you can order floral kits and featured weekly arrangements as well as tools and accessories to make jaw dropping arrangements at home.    

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Customized Group Classes and Tutorials

      In addition to our featured weekly arrangements listed above, we can plan a virtual class or socially distanced live experience for your next team building or social group event. We can customize a class with a specific flower type or desired color scheme as well as adjust the experience for an audience of beginners with little to no experience or a more advanced experience.  These classes will provide participants with locally sourced floral ingredients and information packet to increase your floral knowledge as well as reusable containers and tools. 


     Classes start at $100 per participant for a small arrangement kit including the floral ingredients, container and floral shears.  The classes are priced to last 60 minutes.  We will spend 45 minutes making the arrangement and the final 15 minutes for a brief question and answer period. 


     For inquires or to start planning your customized class, you can send us a message through the chat bubble below on the right or you can email us at orders@fleurtorial.com.      



160 S. Linden Ave. Suite 115 

South San Francisco, CA



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